Solar Sheboygan


Sheboygan County Now Has A Solar Group Buy Program!

Become energy independent for the lowest available price.


Solar Sheboygan is a group-buy solar program designed to drive down the cost of Solar energy installation to record low prices. The collective purchase and collective savings model enables Sheboygan County residents to install Solar PV on their home or business.


The greater program participation, the greater the savings for all involved. Investment payback used to be 12 years, with Solar Sheboygan it's now 6 or 7 years.


Step 1:  Attend a Neighborhood Info Meeting (not required, but recommended)

 Step 2: Sign up for a FREE no-obligation Site Assessment.

Step 3: Review the pricing and payback information with the installer.

Step 4: If you decide to move forward with the project, installations occur throughout 2015.

Step 5: Collective Savings.  At the end of the program, a rebate check will be sent to all program participants.  The rebate amount will be based on kW of solar installed through the program.  The more people who sign up, the larger the rebate checks!

Step 6:  Enjoy lower electric bills for decades to come!!!



General Timeline:

February - Program is announced

March - First neighborhood info meetings are scheduled, free solar site assessments begin

April, May, June - Neighborhood info meetings and solar site assessments continue

June 30th - Deadline 1: Interested people must have their Solar Site Assessment scheduled

July 15th - Deadline 2:  All site assessments are completed and proposals are due to be delivered to potential participants

July 31st - Deadline 3:  All interested participants must sign their installation contract in order to be included in the 2015 rebate program.

December 31st - Deadline 4:  Final installation deadline.  All PV Systems in the program must be installed and commissioned by year-end to take full advantage of the 30% Federal ITC tax refund.


To learn more go to:

Solar Sheboygan Flyer Solar Sheboygan Flyer